What Are the Best Surrogacy Agencies in California? [Updated May 2019]

Surrogacy is a delicate process. Surrogate mothers and intended parents alike need complete care and support during the entire process. That’s why you want to choose a surrogacy agency you can trust. If you want to know the best surrogacy agencies in California, then here are the top 5 based on number of Google reviews. We count only 5 star reviews, so you can be sure these are trusted and top quality agencies.

Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC (21 reviews, 5.0)

Family Tree Surrogacy Center based in San Diego is one of the highest rated agencies in California. They have helped many women to become surrogates, and helped many intended parents begin their family. They care about everyone in the process and take time to match surrogates and intended parents to improve the chances of success. Most of the women on their staff are all people who have gone through the surrogacy process themselves, so you know you’re in the hands of experienced professionals. Visit website.

Genesis Egg Donor and Surrogacy Group (21 reviews, 5.0)

Genesis works to make the egg donation and surrogacy process as smooth and simple as possible. The women there are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They can answer any questions that you might have. You’re never too far away from the answers to any questions that you might have. They remain flexible and can help with accommodations and travel if necessary. Genesis will be with you every step of the journey, and it’s comforting knowing someone has your back like.

ISC Surrogacy Center (18 reviews, 5.0)

ISC Surrogacy Center in Murrieta, CA offer a very comfortable egg donation and surrogacy journey for all involved. Staff are supportive and they care about all of their clients and the people they work with. They have great staff and caseworkers who will let you know just what to expect (and what is expected of you). ISC have their own support groups that provide the help you need and reassure you that you aren’t alone in the journey. Surrogacy can be an emotionally and mentally trying time. Surrogacy care is a vital part of the process. ISC understands this, and work to be there for you.

Fertility Source Companies (6 reviews, 5.0)

Something that sets the Fertility Source Companies in Laguna Hills apart is that they are open around the clock. It’s rare to find a surrogacy clinic that is truly open 24/7 to be there whenever you need them. The staff are incredible too. The application process can be a little lengthy, but that just shows how far they go to ensure that their surrogates are good candidates. Communication is key in so many things, including surrogacy, and Fertility Source Companies make sure to keep the lines of communication open at all times. You can expect nothing short of something special when you choose Fertility Source Companies for your surrogacy journey.

California Surrogacy Center (5 reviews, 5.0)

California Surrogacy Center is there for the whole family. Not only do they offer great support for the surrogates and intended parents, but they provide their spouses and other children with the support they need too. Everyone can expect a comfortable and professional experience. Families are kept updated through phone calls, texts, and emails that keep them up to date across the entire process, including after delivery. You’ll come out of California Surrogacy Center with a much bigger family than you came in with!