Surrogacy Glossary


When it comes to surrogacy there are plenty of specialist terms and abbreviations! We compiled a list of the most common ones and their meaning. A Altruistic surrogacy Carrying the pregnancy for the intended parent(s) without financial gain (expenses incurred that are related to pregnancy and birth may be reimbursed). Altruistic surrogacy is legal [...]

7 Blogs by Surrogate Mothers


These surrogate mothers give us the opportunity to peek into their lives and learn about their unique journeys. Why do some women choose to be a surrogate? What's in it for them? Explore these blogs to read about their fascinating stories. Why I Was A Surrogate Mother The blog  is written from the perspective of [...]

The Best Books on Surrogacy


We take a look at the best books available on surrogacy that should help anyone interested in surrogacy to learn about the medical, legal, as well as emotional aspects of opting for surrogate motherhood as a pathway to parenthood. 10. Pathways to Parenthood: The Ultimate Guide to Surrogacy by Stacy Ziegler This is an invaluable [...]

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